SKA develops mechatronic systems and designs physical and digital user experiences. We utilize a holistic approach to product development and provide everything from ideation, design, engineering, and the building of physical prototypes.

Client Meeting

Why SKA?

We assemble a team of passionate, reliable and dedicated individuals specifically to build your product. Our engineers and designers have vast experience in tackling challenging product development projects. The SKA culture promotes fluidity, collaboration and ownership of the work. We have round-the-clock access to mood rooms, shop tools and electronic facilities to develop and refine new concepts and designs.

We always deliver on-time – even on the most complex projects.

Meeting Your Needs

Our goal is to function as a seamless extension of your team. We start by understanding your company’s culture and vision. Then we provide options at every milestone to ensure that your work is in line with your expectations. We return calls and emails promptly.

Delivering Value

SKA provides clients with cost-effective solutions. First, we sit down with you to understand your needs, then we assemble a team of specialists tailor-made for the task.

Veteran Advisory Board

Veteran Advisory Board

There is no substitute for experience. SKA’s technical and strategic advisors have more than 50 years of experience and have successfully managed thousands of projects. They are always ready to advise our team on how to best way to execute your product.

Anticipation and Mitigation of Risks

SKA employs advanced risk mitigation strategies. We analyze potential failures and then design multiple backups. We do what it takes to deliver results on-time and on-budget every time.


Serving The World

From our base in Pittsburgh, USA, SKA works with clients all over the world. In Pittsburgh, we tap into a growing robotics industry with advanced engineering and design expertise. We have what it takes to solve our clients’ challenges.