SKA Custom Robots and Machines is a lean, fast-moving, and solution-oriented engineering consulting and contracting firm. SKA possesses a core competency in mechatronics and hardware and there is virtually no robotics, mechanical, electrical, design, or software problem that we shy away from. 

Why SKA?

SKA maintains an extensive network of talent so that we can rapidly assemble teams of professionals based around a project’s unique requirements. Our engineers and designers have extensive experience in solving product development challenges. The SKA culture promotes fluidity, collaboration, and ownership of the work.

“SKA Always Delivers On Time”

SKA always delivers on-time because we put in serious legwork and utilize proven and redundant methodologies, components, and individuals for all steps on the critical path of all client projects.

Meeting Your Needs

SKA’s goal is to function as a seamless extension of our clients’ teams. We strive to understand your culture, vision, and motivation so that we can make them our own. SKA provides options as much as possible to give our clients command of the work which they have commissioned. We return calls and emails promptly and adapt to changing needs.


Veteran Advisory Board

There is no substitute for experience. SKA’s technical and strategic advisors have more than 70 years of experience and have successfully managed thousands of projects. They come from diverse backgrounds and are present, willing, and able to advise SKA teams on how to maximize their effectiveness.


Serving The World

From our base in Pittsburgh, USA, SKA works with clients all over the world. In Pittsburgh, we tap into a growing robotics industry with advanced engineering and design expertise. As Pittsburgh magnate Andrew Carnegie once said, “[our] heart is in the work.”