SKA Invests in LASER Cutter and Offers Affordable Cutting and Design Services

SKA acquired an American-made, industrial-grade laser cutter in mid-July of 2017. We’ve since installed a dedicated compressed air system to clean and cool the machine while dispersing potentially flammable gasses away from active cuts. In addition to cooling the machine, the air system actively cools parts as they are being cut. This offers a significant advantage when cutting plastics which would otherwise warp from the heat. A custom filtration and exhaust system keeps our staff safe while reducing SKA’s environmental impact.

Our laser cutter has been in active service since the first week of August 2017 and was originally obtained and commissioned in response to production challenges faced by our daughter organization- Icarus Systems. The machine will be utilized on numerous SKA projects moving forwards as well as being made available to the public in the form of a reasonably priced fabrication service.

The CNC laser cutter is capable of cutting parts 12 by 16 inches in size. In addition to paper, cardboard, wood, and other organics, SKA can now can cut and engrave ABS, Delrin (Acetal), Acrylic, and some other plastics. Materials being cut range thickness up to 1 inch with 0.003 to 0.006 inch repeatability. The machine can also heat-cure reactive coatings to permanently mark steel, aluminum, titanium, and other metals.

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