Innovative Solutions Delivered

Mechatronic Projects
This is one of many mechatronic devices built by SKA Custom Robots and Machines

Mechatronic Systems Development

SKA designs and commissions systems which include electrical, mechanical, and firmware components. We are prepared to handle all aspects of this process from conception, to fabrication, to integration, to testing and service.

Robotic Software Development

SKA offers software development services for robotics and automation applications, specializing in:

  • ETL, Data Analytics, Machine Learning
  • Machine Vision (Inspection, Guidance, Measuring)
  • Prosthetics & Cybernetics
  • Industrial Controls & Automation
  • Industrial Robot Scripting
  • Custom Automation Algorithms, like 3D Mathematics & Kinematics

Engineering Consulting

SKA wants to empower its clients. In projects where we take a consulting role, our function is to look for areas where we can improve existing systems or advise a client’s existing team in thier development and execution. This approach keeps costs at a minimum while still giving your team the advantage of SKA’s expertise

Industrial Automation

Are you looking to increase speed and reliability while reducing scrap, number of workers, and setup time on production tooling? SKA can help by auditing your existing processes and coming up with improvements. Our approach ranges from process advice to full automation, with an emphasis on long service lifetime and reliability. 

User Interface Design

Good design is critical to maintaining adoption of a digital or physical product. SKA strives to understand the mentality of product end-users and create interfaces which are easy to understand and simple to use. This reduces the amount of money our customers spend on customer service and increases user adoption and customer loyalty.