SKA Director of Product Management To Speak at Sensors Midwest

August 5, 2017 6:34 pm

SKA’s director of Product Management, Spencer Krause, will be speaking at Sensors Midwest 2017. The presentation will take place at 1pm on October 4th.

Spencer’s presentation is designed to give an overview of some of the different challenges robots and other mechatronic devices operating in harsh environments face. Harsh environments include oceans, deserts, mines, volcanoes, outer-space, industrial processing facilities, and many others. In order to make time, the presentation will focus on sea faring robots.

Robots at sea are up against some serious obstacles- not least among them being salt water. Salt water and other fluids increase rates of metallic corrosion. Its conductivity short circuits electronics and accelerates galvanic corrosion. Shock, vibration, and particulate buildup are also addressed.

In addition to discussing these issues, the presentation will explore some solutions. For example, shock damage can be mitigated by mounting hard-faces exposed to shock and delicate electronics on flexible shock absorbers. This is only one example of many that will be presented by Spencer to those in attendance at the the talk.

While we hope you can make the event, you shouldn’t despair if you can’t be in Chicago in-time. An article- to be released at a yet-to-be-determined date- will compliment the talk and provide industry professionals with examples of effective strategies to fortify and protect their robots.

Stay tuned to Sensors Magazine if you are interested in learning more about robotics. Spencer will be releasing a 2-part series on Choosing the Best Sensors for Mobile Robots later this month.

We at SKA like sharing ideas when we are able and hope that you enjoy reading our content as much as we enjoy writing it. Please drop us a line if you would like us to lend our unique expertise to your project or you have a technical question that you would like answered in the form of a short article. We look forward to discussing ideas and serving your needs.