Discovery Robotics FX250 User Interface
Post-Op Care Portal
Medical Workflow Manager
T.BOT Time Management for Children

FX250 User Interface

There is currently no autonomous cleaning solution for large commercial spaces such as airports, hospitals, and malls. The FX250 is a new product from Discovery Robotics that will change the commercial cleaning sector immeasurably.

One way that SKA assisted in designing the FX250 was to create an intuitive user interface that would allow custodial professionals to easily program the machine. We put ourselves in the end-user’s shoes to rethink the process and make it as simple as possible. The end-result is minimal, intuitive, and industrial.

The FX-250 User Interface’s public unveiling was immediately followed by a substantial pre-sale agreement between Discovery Robotics and the Sealed Air Corporation.

“SKA came through for us on a critical project with very short notice. From the very beginning they set realistic expectations, maintained open communication, and utilized nights and weekends to go above and beyond our requirements in the work they delivered. We look forward to working with SKA again.”

— Larry Williams, VP and CTO at Discovery Robotics

Post-Op Care Portal

SKA helped design and build the user interface for this portal, which provides post-operation patients with the care and information they need to recuperate quickly. The system monitors the patient’s improvement through daily surveys. Portal content is automatically adapted to the patient’s stage of recovery.

The portal makes it easier for patients and caretakers to keep up with the post-op care from home through features such as community resources, automatically scheduled follow-up calls, a care plan and a directory of nearby medical facilities if the patient needs emergency intervention.

The goal is to reduce the instance of further hospitalization for post-op patients and to enable patients to make a faster recovery.

Medical Workflow Manager

SKA teamed up with a healthcare IT firm to design a workflow task manager for a recently-acquired radiology practice.

We helped assess the radiology office’s old workflow software’s strengths and weaknesses to design an improved platform to take its place.

T.Bot Time Management For Children

T.BOT is part of a product and app project created to help children learn time management skills.

The system consists of a desktop timer that children use while doing their homework, as well as an app that parents can use to monitor their child’s progress. The timer uses pico projectors to display courses, time-elapsed and encouraging messages for children while they work.

Parents can track their child’s use of time through the app, which communicates directly with the timer. It gives parents features such as weekly progress reports and alerts when a child is struggling to complete homework in a particular subject on time. The system will also send an alert to the parents when it’s time to review the child’s homework.